Retractable Rolling Shower Screen

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Product Description:

The next generation of waterproof rolling shower screen

Thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover?

Wondering how you can bring even a small bathroom to life?

Tired of dealing with a moldy, dripping shower curtain?

Meet, the next generation of waterproof rolling shower screen for 3 wall bathtubs that maximizes shower spacewhile keeping your shower bacteria, mold, and mildew free.

With its smooth roll-out design,the  rolling shower screen seals you into your own shower world in one easy pull.

 You simply pull out the rolling shower screen screen and attach the handle to the opposite wall.

And when you’re not showering, the rolling shower screen is almost invisible. It fully retracts into its case in one smooth roll. Giving you back all the bathroom spaceyou need for a clean, spacious bathroom. Without glass doors taking up space or wet curtains crowding the corner.

Seal-tight threshold water dam

Once the rolling shower screen is pulled shut, you’re free to express yourself without worryingabout a drop escaping. rolling shower screen creates a watertight seal that blocks water from escaping, even when you get carried away with the splashing, with a screen specially designed to withstand pressureeven from powerful showerheads. Silicone sealing strips lining the rolling shower screen’s frame mean water won’t escapethrough the cracks and onto your walls and floor. 

What about regular shower curtains? They try to shield water from escaping, but they have no waterproof frame. The result? They hang loose, soak up spray, and wind-up dripping bacteria filled water onto your floor. Even glass shower doors tend to drip when you open them.

And the rolling shower screen can stretch to fit any shower space. It runs from 53 to 78-inches, making it perfect for any three wall tub.

Seal-tight threshold water dam

The rolling shower screen uses three layers of mildew resistant material to block mold and mildew from forming even after years of use. Watertight silicone coatings on either side of the screen block water molecules while allowing air to flow in, making them mildew-resistant,waterproof, and dust-repellant. Meanwhile, the screen’s core middle layer is made of a fiberglass fabric treated with the same waterproofing process used on outdoor camping

The rolling shower screen ’s waterproof screen dries fast. So fast that it passed the rigorous SGS standard test for antibacterial materials, meaning you won't have to wait ages for it to dry before putting it away. Just roll it up right after your shower without mold or mildew creeping in between showers.

Drill-Free installation

The rolling shower screen iseasy to installon your own, and unlike glass shower doors, you can do it without any help from a professional. It comes with two easy installation options to suit your bathroom set-up.

1. No Fuss Glue Installation 
The easy glue installation is the perfect option to ensure a tight fit in any space — without damaging your wall.

2.Simple & Secure Drill Installation

Even if your bathroom calls for an extra tight fit, the  simple drill installation option is completely DIY - you wont need any professionals to install it, unlike glass shower stalls. Just follow the simple guidelines to fasten the rolling shower screen securely into place for years of easy use.

Removal Without Traces

For the glue installation, no tools are required for a takedown. The rolling shower screen comes out as easily as it goes in. Planning to move? It is just as easy to uninstall and take with you when you relocate. Whether you’re renting downtown or leasing in the countryside, you can rest easy knowing the rolling shower screen  won’t leave a trace.


Odor-free & skin-friendly 

Your shower is your oasis. Which means it should be safe, clean, and totally non-toxic.

The rolling shower screen is made without any heavy metals, making it 100 percent skin friendly and safe for children. And it’s completely odor free! Making it safe for children to shower

Plus, the rolling shower screen  won’t get bent out of shape. It uses two layers of soft, durable silicone wrapped around flexible fiberglass that bounces back into shape, making it more durable than glass shower doors, and stronger than flimsy shower curtains. So it’s safe and clean for your whole family to use – from grandparents to grandkids.

Stable & Durable

We’ve redefined durability in a shower, creating a new class of long-lasting shower screen that holds up under daily showers for years.

Our engineers tested the rolling shower screen over 30,000 opens and retractions. They ran dozens of tests to create a screen that stays balanced and in-line after every pull. Ensuring an excellent watertight fit and a smooth opening — even after thousands of showers. So it works the same on day 1 as it does on day 1,000. 


  • Height: 140 Cm
  • Width: Min 135 cm – Max 200 cm
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Screen Material: Silicone coated Fiberglass Fabric; Polyester; PVC
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy; Silicone Sealing Strips
  • Screen Color : White
  • Frame Color : Black / White
  • Handle : Yes

Package Include:

  • 1x Shower Screen
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x Glue Pack
  • 4x Plastic Dowel
  • 1X Accessory pack
  • 1x Fixed Sticker

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